Learning About Prayer

Learning About Prayer

4 Tips For Retaining Students At Your Christian School

Pamela Nelson

One of the biggest challenges most private, religious schools face is retaining enough students since their parents have to pay tuition in order to send their children to your school. In order to keep up enrollment at your school, you need to focus on retaining the students you already have enrolled. Here are four tips that will help you retain your current students.

#1 Focus On Relationship Building

Parents send their children to your school because they are looking for an educational experience that is different than what mainstream public schools have to offer. As a smaller community, one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from your public school competitors is to focus on relationship building. 

Make sure that the parents at your school feel like both the faculty and administration really care about their child. Have your teachers email or call parents at least once a month to discuss how their child is doing in school. If any child needs extra support, make sure that you reach out and discuss the issue directly with their parents. That personal touch can go a long way. 

#2 Provide Lots Of Interactive Opportunities

A high quality school does not just provide an education, it also provides a sense of community. As a Christian school, you have a unique opportunity to provide appropriate interactive opportunities and activities that help your students grow as individuals and within their faith. 

Offer advice and support to your families, such as parenting tips and healthy living tips that incorporate your Christian beliefs. Start up student groups that lend a Christian slant to activities students at your school enjoy, like an art club or chess club. Provide small bible study groups so students have an opportunity to grow in their faith with one another. 

Be sure to reach out beyond the borders of your school. Provide students with opportunities to volunteer within the local community and act upon their faith. Sponsor events for the wider community that bring the community to you as well. 

Creating interactive opportunities and building a sense of community will help you retain students. 

#3 Offer Scholarships For Returning Students

At around the halfway point of the school year, start promoting scholarships for returning students. Educate students on the application and qualification process. Try to offer a variety of scholarships that reward excellence in both academics and character. Make sure the guidelines are clear.

Let students apply for these scholarships and award them sometime in the spring. That way, when the end of the school year rolls around and parents start deciding what to do for the next school year, they already know that they have scholarships they can count on to offset the cost.

#4 Offer A Loyalty Discount

You cannot offer a scholarship to every student. However, you can offer a loyalty discount to returning students that makes it an easier financial decision for their parents to re-enroll them.

You can shape the loyalty discount in a variety of ways. You can offer a set dollar amount off of tuition fees. You can waive the enrollment fee for returning students. You could even offer a specific percentage off of tuition based on the number of years a student has attended your school. The key is to find a loyalty program that allows your school to stay healthy financially while also giving your current students a break.

Try incorporating the four suggestions listed above this year in order to increase the number of returning students for the upcoming school year. Also, talk to other schools, such as Lakeside Christian School, to find out what strategies have worked for them. 


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