Learning About Prayer

Learning About Prayer

6 Tips For Selecting Bible Study Materials

Pamela Nelson

An outstanding Bible study can help you understand and overcome personal weaknesses while deepening your faith. Choosing the best materials to guide you in a comprehensive study of a book, person or even a word in the Bible is challenging. Asking yourself these six questions about the studies you are considering will provide the insight you need to determine the right book, video or online Bible study for you or your small group.

Does it deal with an issue with which you or your group members struggle?

Read summaries or reviews of potential Bible studies to find one that is relevant to your life or to your group's demographic. If you are uncertain, talk with group members, keep a journal and spend time in prayer to determine an area with potential for development.

Do people you trust and respect recommend the study?

Look to your church leaders, faithful friends and trusted public figures for suggestions on authors, publishers and series to consider. If you find the instruction of this teacher, preacher or acquaintance edifying and encouraging, chances are good that their recommendation will be, as well.

What is the length of the study and what does it entail?

While you don't want the study to be overwhelming or wearisome, neither do you want one that is exceedingly superficial. Consider the length of time –both daily or weekly and overall—that you want to devote to the study. Determine whether the prospective materials fit into this schedule.

Is the material engaging, fresh and enlightening?

If you and your group are not engrossed in the required reading, discussion and activities, the likelihood that you will benefit from or even complete the study diminishes. Browse through some of the chapters, check out related projects and view any visual materials before you commit.

Does the doctrine of the author or presenter align with your own beliefs?

Investigate the views of the person or organization that created the Bible study materials you are considering to make certain that they match up with your own. While some topics may seem insignificant, others might well be non-negotiable to you or your church group.

Are the materials affordable?

If you are presenting a study in church or in a small group at your home, you may wish to make sure the materials are affordable for everyone to prevent anyone from missing out on a meaningful opportunity due to a limited budget. Check with a local or online used bookstore for gently used, budget-friendly copies of the selected materials.

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